5 Tips on How to sell a house

How to sell a house

1. Understand your Buyer’s Needs

Doing some research into the type of buyers that your house is going to attract, whether it be a family, a young couple, older couple, pet friendly, etc. each has their individual needs. While you can’t just up and move your house to a potential buyer’s ideal area, you can attract interested parties to the area. Let your property agent know in advance the amenities in your local area: schools, parks, restaurants, nightlife, community enterprises and transport, which they will do as standard, but every little helps.

A garden can be a must have for families with young children, where as a young couple might not want to have to have that upkeep and maintenance factor. Some buyers will be attracted to the hustle and bustle along with the nightlife of the city and be willing to pay a slightly higher price tag, while others will want more tranquility of the suburbs or countryside. Know the unique selling points of your location and identify a wide-range of potential suitors with your agent.

5 Tips on How to sell a house

2. Technology

A cottage in the woods or countryside is a nice thought, but for most buyers these days if this happens to be an internet black spot, it’s a no go. Most savvy buyers will do their research on these necessities. Internet wireless service and internet bandwidth are non-negotiable. Make sure you have this information readily available to provide for potential buyers. Listing alternative broadband, phone providers and energy suppliers in the area that would offer higher speed or a lower prices can be an advantage. Investigating and providing this information to your estate agent can boost the speed in this process. It could potentially set your property apart from the rest.

3. Going Green

People are becoming much more aware of being environmentally friendly, having an energy efficient house with a good BER Rating is becoming more of a priority to buyers. A house with good insulation is a great first impression when reviewing ads on properties; walls, windows, doors and the attic. A house with solar panels or geothermal energy are major bonus points. This also saves money in the long run. Ventilation and natural light are crucial factors, if there is any damp or backdrafting, the increasingly educated buyer will know the warning signs and will also organise a structural engineer to do a review of the property at later stages. Sort damp or backdrafting as soon as possible before viewings.

4. Living Space

Marble flooring is not essential, but there are certain aspects that appeal to potential buyers, especially in the millennials. Light is important, check Pinterest and Instagram for house trends, such as open-planned kitchens, they are very much in trend at the moment. While a south-facing house or garden has also been, and remains, a massive draw to any demographic.

Buyers have so much information at their fingertips with a Google search of all aspects in house buying in their pocket. There are numerous apps that potential buyers can use to instantaneously to check faults in any property. Anyone who has done their homework will know what to look out for, such as damp in the ceilings, plaster or skirting boards; cracks in the structures; faulty wiring or plumbing; insulation and drainage. We recommend to get a checklist before you put your house on the market and tick it off as you go, even showing it to the potential buyer will build up trust and credibility.

5. Office Space

Millennial roles have evolved the job space and with more and more remote workers requiring a dedicated working space in a home is also a factor worth considering. Jobs are no longer the same for life anymore and in this digital age, many people (the young and less young alike) are working from home these days. A space for Skype/conference calls is ideal for the freelance agent so acoustics are important, well-insulated walls can account for a lot. Point out to your potential buyer the flexibility of the living space. What is currently used as a bedroom could make a great office, keep shelving, storage space and lighting in mind.

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