The benefits having a good Estate Agent in Dublin

The benefits of having a good estate agent in Dublin

With Dublin’s high property prices, there’s no shortage of an estate agent in Dublin who wants to represent you and your property. Whether you’re selling or letting, you have a wide selection to choose from. But you may be asking yourself: what makes one estate agent better than the others?

If you’re selling, the most obvious answer is that a good estate agent will get you the best possible price for your property. But there’s more to it than that.

First of all, there are the fees. In Ireland, the typical commission charged on the sale of a house is between 1% and 2.5%, depending on the value of the house. More expensive homes are charged a higher commission, while less expensive ones are on the lower end of the spectrum. The best agents will charge you an appropriate commission, one that offers you value for money and doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re being ripped off.

Secondly, selling can be a long process, and you will therefore be interacting with your agent for an extended period of time. Because of this, you want your estate agent to be easy to get along with. You want them to be professional and polite, and to deal with your queries quickly and efficiently. If they do this, selling your property will be a pleasant experience, and you’ll be happy to deal with them again.

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If you’re letting property, you may be tempted to try handling the process yourself to save on fees – you can expect to pay roughly 10% of the annual rent for an estate agent in Dublin. However, there are many advantages to hiring an agent to handle the property on your behalf. Depending on the agent, they may vet tenants, check references, collect deposits and sign leases. Some also offer tenant management services that deal with tenant complaints, unpaid rents and property inspection.

Though there is a charge for offloading these responsibilities onto your agent, doing so can free you from many of the stresses of being a landlord. Letting is becoming increasingly popular in Dublin, with rent prices now higher than their 2008 peak. The average price of renting a home in Dublin is now €1,464 per month, which means you can hire a letting agent to take care of the nitty-gritty and still earn yourself a substantial sum. In highly sought after areas such as Dundrum, where prices are even higher, this option may be worth considering.

A good estate agent will also listen to your needs. Whether you want a quick sale or you’d rather wait a while for the best offer, a good agent will carry out your wishes and ensure you get what you want from the transaction.

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